Universität Witten-Herdecke

Location: Witten
Faculties: Faculty of Health, Faculty of Management & Economics, Faculty of Humanities & Arts
Departments: School of Medicine, School of Psychology, Department of Dentistry
Degrees taught bilingually in German and English:
B.Sc. Management (Faculty of Management and Economics)
B.A. Philosophie, Politik und Ökonomik (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) (Faculties of Management and Economics and of Humanities and Arts)
Interesting features: International double degree programme Victoria/Canada
PPE students being particularly qualified have the opportunity to participate in a double degree programme in collaboration with the University of Victoria. After four semesters in Witten and four to five semesters in Canada you will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.
Size of courses: About 25 students